What I've Learned About This Life as of my 28th Birthday

Today is my 28th birthday. 

I have learned more about myself this past year than any other year in my life. I have learned to accept myself as I am, I have learned what my mind and body need in order to be the best self I can be. I have learned about my passions for photography, running a small online business, and yoga. I have learned that I am not as patient as I thought and it is something I need to work on. I have learned to control stress better than I ever have before and I've learned to let things go (most of the time). I have learned that it is so much fun to learn and try as many things as you desire, and I've learned that it is okay to give up on things. I have learned that it does not matter what other people think, what matters is only how you feel. I have learned that if the end result of a choice you make is you being happy, then it is always the right choice and everything else will fall into place. I have learned that proper and deep breathing is the answer to any stressful day or situation. I have learned that less is more, and I have learned that enjoying this life one day at a time is the only way to do it.