My Bachelorette at RIO

When it came to my bachelorette party, I wanted to do something different. I live in a small city and there aren't a large array of options for unique, out on the town, party ideas. When I heard that Connie (the owner of RIO yoga studio) offered a bachelorette party package, I was so down. Yoga has been something that I have really fallen in love with in the past year so it was a perfect fit for a special event. 

The night started with a fun (non sweaty) yoga class with my girlfriends. Our teacher Cheilidh, was awesome and made everyone at ease. Cheilidh actually grew up with myself and most of the girls there, which made it even more special. We did some partner yoga which is something that I had never tried before. The champagne was flowing during the class, which made for a more wobbly than usual yoga class. 

After the class, we all enjoyed some take out Thai food on the patio outside. You can have the bachelorette package include food from the vegan restaurant which is in the same building as RIO if you choose. It's called EnVie, and I highly, highly recommend it, but I had Thai on the brain when my Maid of Honour made the plans.  After a yummy meal we headed in to get ready for our night. You can use the studio to get dolled up for your night out (which is when most of the above pictures were taken).

This was a great option for a bachelorette because it allowed some of my friends who had to work in the morning, or who had other obligations, to take part in the yoga and meal part, and go home before the shenanigans begun. Which they did, at a few local bars in the city (as you can see from the last picture above).

I highly recommend RIO HALIFAX for not only a unique bachelorette party, but for any event alike. It's a beautiful space with awesome people. Visit RIO's contact section for more into on events and to contact Connie.