The Vibrant Health Recipe Ebook

If you like to, or want to start eating healthy, it can sometimes be hard because you will most likely be making/cooking a lot more of your own food. It can be hard to find time because a lot of healthy recipes can be pretty time consuming. There is always the meal prep option, but that is still time consuming, it's just all done in one day. A lot of people don't have 5-6 hours, one day a week to be in the kitchen meal prepping. So what's a simple solution for these problems? Finding recipes that can be prepared quickly and easily, and with little clean up. Kate from MY SPIRITUAL ROADTRIP has created a, Ebook cookbook that cuts down on the fuss of healthy eating. Her recipes are simple, healthy and most importantly, delicious. The 39 recipes include, smoothies/drinks, breakfast, mains and desserts. All recipes are vegan, refined sugar-free, and have a gluten-free option. My favourite is the 4 Ingredient Vegan Mac n' Cheese. I have been making this for a few years but without the dijon mustard, and let me tell you, it makes it. I'm a nutritional yeast addict, even still now that I eat real cheese. It's great for littles too, as I make it for Jack and he loves it! I love Kate's simple approach to healthy eating. As it should be!

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